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Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Time: 11:00 am
Speaker: Prof. Holger Schmidt, UC Santa Cruz
Title: Detecting and Controlling the Magnetization Dynamics of Single Nanomagnets
Location: 67-3111       Chemla room

Hosted by Frank Svec:

Many emerging spintronics applications will utilize dense arrays of nanomagnetic elements. Device properties depend on both the intrinsic material properties of each element as well as the magnetic environment. Time-resolved magneto-optics provide a means to extract both static and dynamic material parameters and elucidate sub-picosecond dynamic processes. I will review the challenges and capabilities of applying magneto-optic techniques for magnetic characterization of individual nanomagnets, in particular the first observation of single-domain nanomagnet dynamics and the influence of close-by nanostructures on these dynamics. The ability to control the dynamic behavior of a nanomagnet via 3D-shape, orientation, and array geometry will be described.