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Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Time: 11:00 am
Speaker: Francesca Morabito, University of Catania, Italy
Title: An Analysis of the Molecular Foundry's Industrial Collaborations: Recommendations for Program Enhancements and Changes
Location: 67-3111       Chemla room

Results of an investigation into multiple aspects of previous collaborations between The Molecular Foundry and industry will be presented. The purpose of this analysis is to enhance understanding of the relationship complexities between government-funded User laboratories and industry, and to encourage emergence of more collaborations. The study at The Molecular Foundry (TMF) started off with deep data mining in the proposal database followed by the derivation of statistical data which provided indices to measure and evaluate the status of industrial involvement in the lab. The primary objective was to identify influencing factors that may increase the rate of collaboration via analyses of rejected versus accepted Foundry industrial proposals. A desired outcome from these investigations suggest several effective measures that could help realign future industrial needs with academic and government research collaboration in User facilities. A second objective was to investigate factors that influence productivity in the research environment and define solid metrics to measure productivity in cases of industrial as opposed to purely academic or government labs-sponsored research. Results applicable to satisfying both objectives are reported along with extended graphic support and viable recommendations for future collaborations.