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Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Time: 11:00 am
Speaker: Wilson Ho, UCI
Title: Molecular Foundry/ALS Joint Seminar: Imaging Bonds and Chemical Interactions
Location: Building 66 Auditorium


Chemistry is concerned with the transformation of molecules. It is, however, an abstract subject because its participants are atoms and molecules that are difficult to be seen in detail due to their small dimensions. Furthermore, molecules are depicted as collections of spatially arranged atoms, joined to each other by sticks of different lengths and angles, as well as full and dashed lines to describe the nature of the chemical bonds. These schematic representations have guided our thinking, understanding, and teaching of molecular properties and chemical reactions. Are they real? In fact, one of the central dogmas of chemistry relates the molecular structure to the reactivity. Recently, it has become possible to obtain images of bonds and chemical interactions with the scanned probe microscopes. Such real space visualization has reduced abstractness and simultaneously enabled new understanding of chemistry with atomic scale resolution.