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Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Time: 11:00 am
Speaker: David Ginger, University of Washington
Title: Molecular Foundry/ALS Joint Seminar: Imaging Heterogeneity in Thin Film Solar Cells: Polymers to Perovskites
Location: Building 66 Auditorium


Many semiconductors – including conjugated polymers, colloidal quantum dots, and organometal halide perovskites – can be processed inexpensively from solution to produce large area flexible electronic devices such as solar cells. However, unlike traditional single-crystal materials, these solution-processed films are often structurally and energetically heterogeneous. Understanding how local structure influences carrier generation, recombination, and transport at sub-diffraction limited length scales is a major scientific and technical challenge. This talk will discuss our attempts to understand local variations in charge recombination rates in both perovskite and polymer solar cells using combinations of spectroscopy and microscopy that allow us to correlate photocarrier dynamics with local structure in situ on both nanometer length scales and nanosecond time scales.