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The Molecular Foundry's Instrument Scheduler allows approved users to schedule instrument time for given month beginning at 12:01 a.m. on the 15th day of the preceding month for all instrumentation except except TitanX, TEAM 0.5 and TEAM I, which must be directly scheduled per instructions on grid below. Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled instrument time will not be accepted and be counted as a session.

One session at a time means that you must use the session before signing up for additional sessions.

At NCEM, daytime use is defined as instrument sessions booked from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, when staff are available to assist users. “Afterhours” sessions are defined as sessions booked after 5pm on weekdays and any time during weekends, holidays, or other days where staff are not present. 

Daytime use: New users will take two training sessions and pass a sample exchange exam to acquire a Core driver license, to work independently during daytime sessions.

Afterhours use: Permission to schedule afterhours sessions is given at the discretion of the staff member in charge of the instrument. Afterhours training is typically initiated by staff, after demonstrated expertise and independent operation by the user. Afterhours access is granted on a per-instrument basis, and can be revoked at any time. Unauthorized afterhours use can result in loss of daytime access. 

Note that afterhours building access to building 72 must be requested separately. 

Instrument Daytime- M-F After Hours- M-F After Hours-Weekend Rules
TEAM I Schedule directly w/Peter Ercius (PErcius@lbl.gov)
TEAM 0.5 Schedule directly w/ Jim Ciston (JCiston@lbl.gov)
Libra 9am – 6pm 6pm – 9am 9am – 6pm 1 Daytime & 1 After Hours session at a time
OÅM 9am – 5pm 5pm – 11pm 9am – 5pm 2 sessions only/month
Tecnai 9am – 6pm 6pm – 9am 9am – 6pm 1 Daytime & 1 After Hours session at a time
SPLEEM 9am – 7pm 7pm – 9am 9am – 7pm
3010 8am – 1pm 6pm – 8am 8am – 6pm 2 Daytime & 1 After Hours session at a time
1pm – 6pm
FIB 8am to 1pm 8am to 1pm 8am to 1pm 2 sessions regardless of time
1pm to 6pm 1pm to 6pm 1pm to 6pm
6pm to 12am 6pm to 12am 6pm to 12am
12am to 8am 12am to 8am 12am to 8am
CM200 8am – 2pm 8am – 12am 8am – 8pm 1 Core session at a time.
2pm – 8pm
TitanX 8am – 1pm 6pm – 12am 8am – 1pm Schedule directly w/Karen Bustillo (kbustillo@lbl.gov)
1pm – 6pm 1pm – 6pm
6pm – 12am