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Arron Phillips Shakes Up Science at the Foundry

Sometimes you need to shake up your perspective in order to do good science. So says Molecular Foundry intern Arron Phillips, who has captured some artistic views of her research on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Shown here is her color-altered photograph of MOF-199 samples, one of the best-known materials in that family of porous crystals. Visiting from the University of Florida, Phillips says she enjoys using photography as a way to shake up her perspective and approach science from different points of view. At the Foundry she studies synthesis and properties of MOFs with an eye to gas absorption for carbon sequestration and other applications. Her research, overseen by Foundry scientists David Britt and Wendy Queen, is part of the Foundry's research thread on porous materials. Go here to see more of Phillips' images.

Phillips is supported by the DOE's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program. Go here to learn more about the SULI program at Berkeley Lab.