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November 2013

Alison Hatt to Direct User Program

Alison Hatt has been chosen to head the Molecular Foundry's User Program.  She is succeeding David Bunzow, who is retiring this month.  As User Program Director, Alison will be responsible for overseeing the Foundry's scientific proposal process, including administration associated with User proposal submissions, peer reviews, and scheduling approved projects; working with scientific staff to reach out to and grow new diverse, engaged and productive User communities; liaising with User Executive Committee leadership; and supervising the User Program Office staff.

As a former Foundry postdoctoral scientist, Alison brings a diverse skill set and unique experience to the position.  Since 2011, she has served as Public Affairs Specialist for the Materials Sciences Division (MSD) where she facilitated communication between MSD scientists, DOE, and the general public.  Alison has a Ph.D. in Materials Science from UC Santa Barbara and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Utah.