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March 2014

A New Mathematics for Experimental Science

The newly created Center for Applied Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA) brings together applied mathematicians, computer scientists and experimental researchers to devise new models and algorithms for tomorrow’s scientific technologies.

As detector technologies used in facilities such as the Molecular Foundry and NCEM become ever more powerful, the scientific data that they collect also become more complex. CAMERA researchers are working on new algorithms for analyzing, reconstructing, inter-comparing, simulating and visualizing this information so that researchers can find patterns and connections that may lead to (and accelerate) scientific breakthroughs.

Before CAMERA, a prototype collaboration supported by the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program at the Lab successfully brought applied mathematics expertise to tackle challenges identified by scientists at the Foundry, NCEM and the Advanced Light Source (ALS). The effort led to more than 30 published papers, just in the last four years.

Read the full Berkeley Lab press release.