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May 2014

Organic Facility Director Frank Svec Retiring


Frank Svec (left), Director of the Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis Facility since its inception, will be retiring on June 15. Svec's long and distinguished career has led to important discoveries and new understandings of nanoporous polymers, chromatography, and separations science. He has been recognized with several important awards and honors, many of them while at the Foundry. In addition to his valuable scientific contributions, he brought thoughtful leadership and good-natured wit to the Foundry during its formative years.

A search for a new Organic Facility Director will begin in the summer. In the meantime, Matt Francis (right) will be joining the Foundry as Acting Facility Director to help guide the sixth floor.  Francis is a Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and Faculty Staff Scientist at LBNL, and brings to the Foundry world-leading expertise in the synthesis of novel functional assemblies that integrate polymer, nanoparticle, and protein building blocks. He has been a longtime user of the Foundry whose multidisciplinary approach is a great match with the organization's collaborative culture.