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December 2014

Foundry Staff Discuss Recent Successes and Future Plans at Scientific Retreat

On November 14, all Foundry scientific and technical staff assembled for a full day meeting to review the organization's research themes, identify areas of investment, and discuss strategies to expand the impact of the organization. The event built on recent planning activities such as the creation of the strategic plan and looked forward towards activities such as the DOE Budget Review in February.

Research theme discussions helped identify scientific synergies across facilities and identified areas of need. Another session was aimed at prioritizing these possible investments and finding new ways to expand the Foundry's resources in flat budget times.

More organizationally focused breakout discussions tackled a diversity of topics that included enhancing the user experience, identifying the Foundry's unique strengths among other NSRCs, and models for success as a user facility. All breaks were enhanced by the display of "Foundry Art'" scientific images with particular aesthetic value.

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