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April 2015

Elaine Chan Fosters New Collaborations with ALS

 In an ongoing effort to build closer working relationships between Berkeley Lab’s  nanoscale science research center and light source, Elaine Chan has recently been appointed to a new role as a joint Molecular Foundry/ALS project scientist. Chan’s mission will be to foster collaborations between the two facilities’ users and to communicate a wider understanding about how the two research centers are mutually scientifically beneficial.

Chan has a background in nanoscale science and has worked for four years at ALS Beamline 7.3.3, a beamline that’s hosted many Foundry users and is uniquely suited to serve the needs of Foundry/ALS research. One of the capabilities of Beamline 7.3.3 is high-throughput x-ray scattering characterization of materials, which complements the high-throughput chemical syntheses of the novel materials produced by the Foundry.

Chan’s efforts will be focused on communicating with users and coordinating scientific collaboration. She will be splitting her time between the Molecular Foundry and ALS, and when in the Foundry, she is located on the 3rd floor in cubicle 67-3210-L. 

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