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January 2016

Foundry User Advocates for a New Era of Federal Funding for Nanoscience

Ambika Bumb, CEO of Bikanta, published an Op-Ed in TechCrunch describing the benefits of federal investments in basic nanoscience research like those that support the Molecular Foundry. 

Dr. Bumb and her colleagues have used the Foundry to make and characterize her company's unique nanodiamonds for cancer detection and treatment. In her article, she takes a personal and national look at the technical and economic benefits tied to the last decade of federal investments in nanoscience through the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). She also proposes a "return to higher and sustained investment, the purpose of NNI 2.0 should be not just foundational research but also necessary support for rapid commercialization of nanotechnology. The translation of bench science into commercial reality requires the partnership of academic, industrial, federal, and philanthropic players." 

TechCrunch is an online publisher of technology industry news. It primarily covers businesses ranging from startups to established firms. TechCrunch is the highest-read technology startup news source on the Web, with over 35 million readers per month.

Read the full Op-Ed.