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March 2013

Keeping Lithography Current:
A Novel Approach to The State-of-the-Art

Scientific Achievement

A strategy for fabricating nanoimprint templates with sub-10 nm line and 20 nm pitch gratings is demonstrated, by combining electron beam lithography and atomic layer deposition. This is achieved through pitch division using a spacer double-patterning technique. The nanostructures are then replicated using step-and-repeat ultra-violet assisted nanoimprint lithography.


This technique allows the life of current optical lithography techniques to be extended by reducing the pitch without requiring technological improvement in optical resolution. Atomic layer deposition and spacer double patterning are combined to increase the spatial frequency of gratings on nanoimprint templates. The remaining 20 nm pitch gratings are replicated by step-and-repeat UV nanoimprint lithography.

Research Details

S. Dhuey, C. Peroz, D. Olynick, G. Calafiore, S. Cabrini. Nanotechnology. In Press (2013). DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/10/105303