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May 2013

Porous Semiconducting Films Tailored for Future Energy Storage and Conversion Devices

Scientific Achievement

Molecular Foundry researchers have developed a method to create and control mesoporous architecture in metal chalcogenides (a class of semiconductors used in light- and energy-harvesting devices) that was maintained during reversible chemical transformations.

Significance and Impact

Mesoporous architecture enables new functionalities in metal chalcogenides by creating large internal surface area and an interconnected network of pores, which is promising for applications in chemical sensing, nanoionics and photocatalysis.

Research Details

Jessy B. Rivest, Raffaella Buonsanti, Teresa E. Pick, Lina Zhu, Eunhee Lim, Cesar Clavero, Eric Schaible, Brett A. Helms, and Delia J. Milliron, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135 (20), pp 7446–7449.