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February 2014

Optimized Nanocrystals for Single-Molecule Imaging

Scientific Achievement

A multidisciplinary team of Molecular Foundry scientists used advanced characterization and theoretical modeling to develop significantly smaller and brighter upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs).

Significance and Impact

These UCNPs overcome nearly all constraints set by current probes – including size, brightness and stability – enabling the study of many fundamental processes at the single-molecule level.

Research Details

D. J. Gargas, E. M. Chan, A. D. Ostrowski, S. Aloni, V. P. Altoe, E. S. Barnard, B. Sanii, J. J. Urban, D. J. Milliron, B. E. Cohen & P. J. Schuck. Nat Nanotechnol.  2014 [in press].