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October 2014

Carbon Nanotube Porins Mimic Biological Channels

Scientific Achievement

Users of the Molecular Foundry have demonstrated that short carbon nanotubes (CNTs) insert into cell membranes and transport molecules like biological membrane channels

Significance and Impact

The use of CNTs “porins” are a promising biomimetic platform for developing cell interfaces, studying transport in biological channels, and creating stochastic sensors

Research Details

J. Geng, K. Kim, J. Zhang, A. Escalada, R. Tunuguntla, L. R. Comolli, F. I. Allen, A. V. Shnyrova, K. Rae Cho, D. Munoz, Y. M. Wang, C. P. Grigoropoulos, C. M. Ajo-Franklin, V. A. Frolov & A. Noy. Nature 2014 [in press].