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March 2016

Highest Resolution Calibration Tool Created

Scientific Achievement

Industrial users at the Molecular Foundry have created the highest resolution calibration tool with feature sizes of 1.5 nanometers, a breakthrough that won an R&D100 Award.

Significance and Impact

Metrology tools are used to characterize advanced imaging systems from interferometers to electron microscopes.

Research Details

S. Babin, G. Calafiore, C. Peroz, R. Conley, N. Bouet, S. Cabrini, E. R. Chan, I. Lacey, W. R. McKinney, V. V. Yashchuk & A. E. Vladar. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 2015 33, 06FL01. V. V. Yashchuk, P. J. Fischer, E. R. Chan, R. Conley, W. R. McKinney, N. A. Artemiev, N. Bouet, S. Cabrini, G. Calafiore, I. Lacey, C. Peroz & S. Babin. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2015 86, 123702.