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March 2016

Direct growth of single crystalline III-V semiconductors on amorphous substrates

Scientific Achievement

Molecular Foundry users worked with staff to develop a new growth method, templated liquid phase (TLP) crystal growth, for growing patterned single crystalline III-V’s on amorphous substrates

Significance and Impact

TLP eliminates the need for a lattice-matched growth substrate, allowing for direct growth of high quality single-crystalline semiconductors with user-defined dimensions on any substrate; thus enabling a wide range of new electronic and optoelectronic applications.

Research Details

K. Chen, R. Kapadia, A. Harker, S. Desai, J. S. Kang, S. Chuang, M. Tosun, C. M. Sutter Fella, M. Tsang, Y. Zeng, D. Kiriya, J. Hazra, S. R. Madhvapathy, M. Hettick, Y.-Z. Chen, J. Mastandrea, M. Amani, S. Cabrini, Y.-L. Chueh, J. W. Ager III, D. C. Chrzan, A. Javey, Nature Communications, 7, 10502 (2016)