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March 2016

Efficient silicon solar cells with dopant-free asymmetric heterocontacts

Scientific Achievement

Demonstration of efficient crystalline silicon solar cells by Molecular Foundry users and staff without the use of doped-silicon layers or regions.

Significance and Impact

Commercially available crystalline silicon solar cells utilize doped-silicon layers or regions to separate photo-excited carriers and hence deliver power. This approach demonstrates that high efficiencies can be achieved using metal oxide and alkali metal fluoride as dopant-free carrier-selective contacts overcoming a number of fundamental and practical limitations.

Research Details

J. Bullock, M. Hettick, J. Geissbühler, A. J. Ong, T. Allen, C. M. Sutter-Fella, T. Chen, H. Ota, E. W. Schaler, S. De Wolf, C. Ballif, A. Cuevas and A. Javey, "Efficient silicon solar cells with dopant-free asymmetric heterocontacts",  Nature Energy, 15031 (2016) doi:10.1038/nenergy.2015.31