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October 2016

Local Stress Sensing using Tetrapod Nanocrystals

Scientific Achievement

Tetrapod nanocrystal stress sensors have been embedded into structural films and simultaneous opto-mechanical tensile testing revealed new sensing modalities with orders of magnitude improved sensitivity to detect stress.

Significance and Impact

This approach can sense stress at the nanoscale, the length scale on which cracks develop before failure. The fabrication techniques are readily scalable to industrial processing, and the nanocomposite stress sensors are comparable to, or exceed, current stress sensing technologies.

Research Details

SN Raja, D Zherebetskyy, S Wu, P Ercius, A Powers, ACK Olsen, DX Du, L Lin, S Govindjee, L-W Wang, T Xu, AP Alivisatos, RO Ritchie, Nano Letters, vol. 16, July 13, 2016, pp. 5060-67.