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Colin Ophus

Research Scientist, NCEM




Colin Ophus received his PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Alberta in Canada. There he studied the growth of polycrystalline and amorphous metal thin films with deposition experiments and simulations. He has used microfabrication techniques including physical and chemical vapor deposition, chemical etching, and optical and electron beam lithography. He is also proficient in analysis techniques including scanning and transmission electron microscopy, x-ray and neutron diffraction and reflectometry, and atomic force microscopy. He held a Postdoctural Research Fellowship from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada for two years at NCEM before becoming a Project Scientist there.

Research Interests

Dr. Ophus works primarily on developing simulation and analysis methods and algorithms for high resolution and scanning transmission electron microscopy. He provides computational support to facility users for quantitative analysis of electron micrographs, and aims to close the gap between experimentally available data and theoretically accessible systems. He is currently writing several software packages to perform quantitative analysis on experimental data ranging from single micrographs to ultralarge datasets. He also performs first principle simulations including density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulations for a variety of materials science studies. Research interests include:

Selected Publications

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