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Karen Bustillo

Principal Scientific Engineering Associate, NCEM




Karen Bustillo obtained her Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Her doctoral work focused on the optical properties of semiconductor nanoparticles. Her M.S. degree research involved using solid state NMR to study bonding configurations in amorphous carbon. Karen has expertise in Raman, photoluminescence, FTIR, and UV-Vis spectroscopies, as well as a variety of conventional semiconductor processes.

Research Interests

Karen is the staff member overseeing the FEI TitanX and Zeiss Libra microscopes, and she can assist with the JEOL 3010 and FEI Tecnai microscopes. In addition to conventional TEM methods, she is available to train users in the following techniques:

In-situ experiments including variable temperature, mechanical testing, Protochips platform (heating and biasing), and liquid cell

Dr. Bustillo’s research interests include the study of plasmonic nanoparticles particles: non-equilibrium phases, low-loss plasmon mapping, and structure. She uses the electron microscope to do EELS mapping, EDS tomography, and in-situ heating and quenching. She pursues characterization of the EDS capabilities of the TitanX especially with respect to elemental quantification and data analysis. She is also interested in electron detector development.

Selected Publications

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