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Liang Tan

Staff Scientist, Theory of Nanostructured Materials





2015-2018 Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

2008-2014 Ph.D., Physics, University of California at Berkeley

2005-2008 B.Sc., Physics, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Dr. Tan's research aims to understand light-matter interactions at the nanoscale using computational and theoretical methods. The main thrusts of his research program are: (i) the discovery of novel photophysical phenomena and their robust theoretical descriptions, (ii) computational design of nanoscale materials realizing such phenomena, and (iii) the simulation of optical spectroscopy on these materials using first-principles approaches. Current and future areas of interest include anomalous photovoltaic effects driven by high-order coherences or phonons, optothermal behavior such as the laser cooling of semiconductors, and the development of hybrid materials for high-efficiency photovoltaics by taking advantage of carrier spins.