Career Development

The Molecular Foundry aims to support our staff and users at every stage of their careers. We have established the Career Development Committee to identify and coordinate opportunities for our community of staff and users to grow their careers through training and networking events and resources. 

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Molecular Foundry Career Development Committee

The mission of the Career Development Committee (CDC) is to serve as a resource for staff and users to navigate every stage of their career. The CDC aims to help identify opportunities for professional growth and to develop the skills necessary to excel in science, engineering, and research.

One of the CDC’s initial projects is piloting a formal mentorship program for Early Career Staff Scientists to guide them through the complexities of the Career Review process. This will lead to a wider-reaching mentorship program where all Foundry staff can be matched with one or more mentors who can help guide their career.

Additionally, the CDC hosts a regular set of seminars, discussions, and intensive workshops designed to develop skills for the wider staff and user community. Subject matter for past CDC seminars and workshops has included writing abstracts and developing emotional intelligence for the workplace. We collaborate with the Foundry’s Diversity & Inclusion Council and Staff Committee on many of these topics.

The CDC is a new kind of Divisional committee at LBL. We welcome your input on how we can most effectively meet our mission. Please feel free to e-mail the committee or contact the current chair with your questions, ideas, and feedback.

CDC Committee Members:

Current Chair: Caroline Ajo-Franklin

Alison Hatt
Behzad Rad
Branden Brough
Brett Helms
Caroline Ajo-Franklin
Jim Ciston
Karen Bustillo
Meg Holm
Michael Elowson
Shaul Aloni
Teresa Williams
Miquel Salmeron
Laurie Chong

User Executive Committee Liaisons

Keiko Munechika
Gregory Su

Past Events

  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  • “How to Write an Abstract” Brown Bag Discussion
  • “Writing Effective White Papers” Brown Bag Workshop