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The poster session will be held on Thursday, August 17, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Submit a poster abstract here. The abstract submission deadline to participate in the poster session is August 6.

The poster board size is 4 ft x 4 ft. Push pins will be provided.

When you sign up for the poster session you will be asked to identify the Molecular Foundry facility most relevant to your topic. Posters will be grouped by subject area to facilitate viewing and judging.

List of Poster Presentations

Theory of Nanostructured Materials

1. A New First-Principles Simulation Tool for X-Ray Spectroscopy Based on Many-Body Wavefunctions

Yufeng Liang, Berkeley Lab

Co-authors: David Prendergast

2. Accurate Level Alignment in Molecule-Metal Interfaces with Optimally-Tuned Range-Separated Hybrid Functionals

Zhenfei Liu, LBNL

3. Anisotropic Dirac Fermions in BaMnBi2 and BaZnBi2

Se Young Park, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Hyejin Ryu, Lijun Li, Weijun Ren, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Cedomir Petrovic, Choongyu Hwang, and Sung-Kwan Mo

4. Atomic-Scale Structure and Composition of Organo-Lead Halide Perovskites

Walter Drisdell, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Linn Leppert, Carolin Sutter-Fella, Yufeng Liang, Yanbo Li, Quynh Ngo, Liwen Wan, Sheraz Gul, Thomas Kroll, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Ali Javey, Junko Yano, Jeffrey Neaton, Francesca Toma, David Prendergast, Ian Sharp

5. Band gap renormalization and temperature dependence of naphthalene

Florian Brown-Altvater, UC Berkeley/Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Tonatiuh Rangel, Gabriel Antonius, Matteo Giantomassi, Yannick Gillet, Steven G. Louie, Xavier Gonze, Jeffrey B. Neaton

6. Edge modification of MoS2 for improved energy-relevant catalysis inspired by first principles modeling and mapping of electronic structure

Abhishek Parija, Texas A&M/Berkeley Lab

7. Effects of molecular packing in organic crystals on singlet fission with ab initio many body perturbation theory

Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Jonah B. Haber, Felipe H. da Jornada, Brendan D. Folie, Naomi S. Ginsberg, Steven G. Louie, Jeffrey B. Neaton

8. Emergence of topological phases in a light elemental solid under pressure: the case of Li

Stephanie Mack, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Sinead Griffin, Jeffrey B. Neaton

9. MoS2 as a guide to search for new layered sulfides for CO2 reduction using first principles

Elizabeth Peterson, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Sebastian Reyes-Lillo, Jeffrey B. Neaton

10. The Non-Trivial Interfacial Electrochemistry and the Hybrid Modeling of Biased Interfaces

Artem Baskin, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: David Prendergast, Ethan Crumlin

11. Thermodynamic control of molecular self-assembly on graphene

Mariana Hildebrand, Imperial College London

Co-authors: Faris Abualnaja, Nicholas Harrison

12. Factors influencing agreement between experiments and simulations of hydrogen storage in metal-organic frameworks

Jeffrey Camp, LBL - Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Vitalie Stavila, Mark Allendorf, David Prendergast, Maciej Haranczyk

13. Designing Materials for Dark Matter Detection

Sinead Griffin, UC Berkeley/Molecular Foundry, LBL

Co-authors: Jeffrey Neaton, Zhenfei Liu, Sophie Weber, Kathryn Zurek, Yoni Hochberg, Yonatan Kahn, Mariangela Lisanti, Kathryn Zurek, Adolfo Grashin, Roni Ilan

14. HyMARC: Hydrogen Storage Materials—Advanced Research Consortium

ShinYoung Kang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Co-authors: Brandon C. Wood, Tae Wook Heo, Keith Ray, Patrick Shea, Tadashi Ogitsu, Stanimir Bonev, Vitalie Stavila, James White, Farid El-Gabaly, Mark Allendorf, Sabrina Wan, Sohee Jeong, Jeffrey J. Urban, David Prendergast

15. Structure Analysis of Human WFDC2 by Electron Microscopy

Liwen Wan, The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Jacob Jay1, Jianfang Liu2, Qinsheng Lu Guo1, Fengbiao Guo1, Shi-Wen Jiang1, Gang Ren2*, Jinping (Jennifer) Li1,3*

16. Direct Amination of HPHT ND Surfaces for Biodetection

Cynthia Melendrez, San Jose State University

Co-authors: Polo Tran, Grace Jeanpierre, Abraham Wolcott

17. First-principles studies of the role of N,N'-dimethylethylenediamine (mmen) ligands in adsorption and mechanical properties of mmen-M2(dobpdc) metal-organic frameworks

Jung-Hoon Lee, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Rebecca L. Siegelman, Lorenzo Maserati, Tonatiuh Rangel, Brett A. Helms, Jeffrey R. Long, Jeffrey B. Neaton

18. Atomistic Structure of Peptoid Nanosheets

John Edison, Molecular Foundry

Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis

19. Desymmetrized Bay-Annulated Indigo Donor-Acceptor Materials: Methodology, Self-Assembly, and Use as Organic Semiconductors

Matthew Kolaczkowski, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Bo He, Bin Yang, Aizhao Pan, Yi Liu

20. Para-Azaquinodimethanes: Quinoidal Building Blocks for Optoelectronic Applications

Chris Anderson, Molecular Foundry/UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Jiatao Liang, Simon Teat, Teresa Chen, Matt Kolaczkowski, Yi Liu

21. Tunable Anisotropic Photon Emission from Self-Organized CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals

Matthew Jurow, LBL/UCB

Co-authors: Matthew J. Jurow, Thomas Lampe, Erika Penzo, Jun Kang, Matthew A. Koc, Thomas Zechel, Zachary Nett, Michael Brady, Lin-Wang Wang, A. Paul Alivisatos, Stefano Cabrini, Wolfgang Brütting, Yi Liu

Inorganic Nanostructures

22. Development of Core-Shell Chalcogenide Quantum Dots and Nanoplatelets by High-Throughput Robotic Techniques

Haoran Yang, The Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Emory Chan

23. Effect of Tailored Organic-Inorganic Interfaces on the Thermoelectric Performance of Solution-Processable Hybrid Tellurium Nanowire Composites

Madeleine Gordon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Edmond Zaia, Valerie Niemann, Boris Russ, Ayash Sahu, Jeffrey Urban

24. Integrated Characterization of Layer-Stacked Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Evolution of Interlayer Spacing in Aqueous Phase

Sunxiang Zheng, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Jeffrey Urban, Baoxia Mi

25. Lead halide perovskite Nanocrystals; from room temperature synthesis of CsPbBr3 inks for Solar cells to the synthesis of Cs4PbX6 NCs and their phase transformations.

Quinten Akkerman, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Co-authors: Marina Gandini, Sungwook Park, Mirko Prato, Annamaria Petrozza,Liberato Manna

26. Preparation of lamellar MoS2 membranes for ultrafast molecular sieving

Zhongying Wang, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Qingsong Tu, Sean Zheng, Jeffrey J. Urban, Shaofan Li, Baoxia Mi

27. Synthesis of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides from metal oxide thin films with hydrogen sulfide, dimethyldisulfide, and dimethyldiselenide

Chris Chen, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Christoph Kastl, Brett Heischmidt, Tevye Kuykendall, Adam Schwartzberg, Shaul Aloni

28. A combined DFT and experimental study on 2-1-2 lanthanide based Zintl thermoelectrics

Shruba Gangopadhyay, University of California, Davis

Co-authors: Joya Cooley, Susan M. Kauzlarich, Warren E. Pickett, Davide Donadio

29. Bismuth Doping of Germanium Nanocrystals

Katayoon Tabatabaei, UC Davis

Co-authors: Susan M. Kauzlarich

30. Photo-induced Seebeck enhancement via AC method

Fan Yang, The Molecular Foundry, Inorganic Nanostructures

Co-authors: Heng Wang, Jeffrey J. Urban

31. Synthesis of Cubic Hollow Ge Nanoparticles and Ag/Ge Nanostructures via Galvanic Replacement Reaction


Co-authors: Susan Kauzlarich

32. Low fluence multiphoton imaging with alloyed lanthanide nanocrystals

Bining Tian, Berkeley Lab

Biological Nanostructures

33. Controlling energy flow in bacteria using engineered ligand-responsive protein electron carriers

Joshua Atkinson, Rice University

Co-authors: Ian J. Campbell. Jacob Torres, George N. Bennett, and Jonathan J. Silberg

34. Crystallinity and Melting Transitions of Alkyl-Ether Copeptoids

Michael Stolberg, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Douglas R. Greer

35. Multi-Scale Imaging of Nanoparticle Conjugated Bacterial Surface Layer Protein Lattices

Dong Li, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Marimikel Charrier, Behzad Rad, Jianfang Liu, Caroline Ajo-Franklin, and Paul Ashby

36. Melding Strength, Toughness, and Functionality with Bio-Inspired Hybrid Materials

Marimikel Charrier, LBNL

Co-authors: Dong Li, Behzad Rad, Francesca Manea, Paul Ashby, Caroline Ajo-Franklin

37. Peptoid Nanosheets with Loop Binding Domains for Detection of Anthrax Toxin

Elissa Grzincic, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Jae Hong Kim, Mark Kline, Samuel C. Kim, Adam R. Abate, Ronald N. Zuckermann

38. Suppression of Copper Quenching for Click Conjugation of Tarantula Toxins to Quantum Dots

Victor Mann, Berkeley Lab / UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Alexander S. Powers, Drew C. Tilley, Jon T. Sack, Bruce E. Cohen

39. Tracking cancer cell proliferation through tissues with fluorescent nanodiamonds

Ambika Bumb, Bikanta Corporation

Co-authors: Min Wang, Joyce Wahba

40. Using synthetic biology to introduce electrons into a specific redox pool inside industrial organisms

Moshe Baruch, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Caroline Ajo-Franklin

41. A Chemotactic Bacteria-Based Biohybrid Sensor

Tom Zajdel, University of California, Berkeley

Co-authors: Alex Walczak, Debleena Sengupta, Victor Tieu, Behzad Rad

42. Structure Analysis of Human WFDC2 by Electron Microscopy

Jacob Jay, Mercer University School of Medicine

Co-authors: Jinping (Jennifer) Li, Shi-Wen Jiang

43. Electron transport through ultrathin membranes: Towards the next generation of biohybrid electronic devices

Jose Cornejo, Molecular Foundry

Co-authors: Eran Edri, Hua Sheng, Heinz Frei, Caroline Ajo-Franklin

44. Efficiently Building Electron Nanoconduits for Biohybrid Devices

Lin Su, Caroline Ajo-Franklin

Co-authors: Tatsuya Fukushima, Moshe Baruch, Jose Cornejo, Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin

45. Pre-transition Effects Mediate Forces of Assembly Between Solutes

Shachi Katira, University of California, Berkeley


46. Effect of Center Mode Precession on Edge Mode Damping in Single Nanomagnet

Cassidy Berk, UC Santa Cruz

Co-authors: Mike Jaris, Weigang Yang, Scott Dhuey, Stefano Cabrini, Holger Schmidt

47. Fluorocarbon-Based Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2 in a Conventional Parallel-Plate Capacitively Coupled Plasma

Stefano Dallorto, Ilmenau University of Technology

48. Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Permalloy nanostructures

Weigang Yang, University of California, Santa Cruz

Co-authors: Mike Jaris, Cassidy Berk, David Luke Hibbard-Lubow, Scott Dhuey, Gianluca Gubbiotti, and Holger Schmidt

49. LED with Exotic Materials

Charles McElroy, California Institute of Technology

50. Ruthenium Patterning via Reactive Ion Etching for EUV optics

Sharon Oh, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Weilun Chao, Farhad Salmassi, Patrick Naulleau

51. Fabrication of Core-Shell Nanotube Array for Closing Artificial Photosynthetic Cycles on the Nanoscale under Membrane Separation

Heinz Frei, MBIB, LBNL

Co-authors: Eran Edri

52. pH Sensing with Silicon Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistors Incorporating Carbon Nanotube Porins

Xi Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California Merced

Co-authors: Huanan Zhang, Ramya Tunuguntla, Jeremy Sanborn, Aleksandr Noy

53. Exciton diffusion in cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals organized in ordered nanoscale assemblies

Erika Penzo, LBNL

54. Fabrication and test of a multifunctional device for in vivo measurement and manipulation of complex neural networks in the deep brain

Vittorino Lanzio, Molecular Foundry, LBNL

55. Novel Probes for Reliable Underwater Nanoscience Scanning Probe Microscopy in Liquids

Dominik Ziegler, Scuba Probe Technologies

Co-authors: Paul D Ashby

56. Single Jet and Coaxial Jet Electrohydrodynamic Casting Nanofiber Composites

Yong Gan, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Co-authors: Nadia Boutros, Steven Korda, Mackenzy Mason, Chris W. Draper, Yong X Gan, Niousha Panahi, Christina Yu, Jeremy Gan, Wanli Cheng

National Center for Electron Microscopy

57. 4D Nanodiffraction for Understanding the Microstructure in Next-Generation Lithium Battery Solid Electrolytes

Bethany Smith, UC Berkeley

58. Dynamics and Removal Pathway of b= ½ <110> Edge Dislocations in Imperfectly Attached PbTe Nanocrystals; Towards Design Rules for Oriented Attachment

Justin Ondry, UC Berkeley College of Chemistry

Co-authors: Matthew Hauwiller, Paul Alivisatos

59. Minimizing beam damage with antioxidants to enable high resolution imaging of conjugated polymers in the electron microscope

Brooke Kuei, The Pennsylvania State University

Co-authors: Enrique D. Gomez

60. Nanoscale thermometry utilizing thermal diffuse scattering in the scanning transmission electron microscope

Geoff Wehmeyer, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Chris Dames

61. Relating medium range order to magnetic anisotropy in TbCo thin films using fluctuation electron microscopy

Ellis Kennedy, NCEM

62. Seeing is Believing – New Horizons for In Situ Microscopy

Jordan Moering Protochips, Inc.

63. Characterization of Charge Transport Networks in Non-fullerene Bulk Heterojuction Thin Films

Michael Roders, University of California Santa Cruz

64. Structure of ferroelectric vortices in a single layer PbTiO3 thin film

Shang-Lin Hsu, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Shang-Lin Hsu, Christopher T. Nelson, Margaret McCarter, Zijian Hong, Anoop R. Damodaran, Long-Qing Chen, Lane W. Martin, Ramamoorthy Ramesh

65. Room-Temperature Formation of Cu-Ag Bimetallic Heterostructured Nanocrystals via Galvanic Exchange

Wojciech Osowiecki, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Xingchen Ye, A. Paul Alivisatos

Imaging and Manipulation of Nanostructures

66. “Bulk” 2D Hybrid Metal-Chalcogenide-Organic Material Hosts Tightly Bound Excitons

Kaiyuan Yao, Berkeley Lab

Co-authors: Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Mary S. Collins, Angel Bravo, Nicholas J. Borys, Edward S. Barnard, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Nathan Hohman, P. James Schuck

67. Cathodoluminescence-activated imaging by resonant energy transfer, a new approach for imaging nanoscale dynamics

Rebecca Wai, UC Berkeley

Co-authors: Connor Bischak, Zhe Wang, Shaul Aloni, Frank Ogletree, Naomi Ginsberg

68. Mysterious twisted liquid crystal phases: HNF and Ntb

Miroslaw Salamonczyk, Berkeley Lab

Co-authors: N. Vaupotic, R. Mandle, C. Archbold, D. Pociecha, C. Wang, J. Gleeson, S. Sprunt, A. Jakli, J. Goodby, E. Gorecka, L. Li, T. Hegmann, P. Ashby, C. Zhu

69. Nanodiamonds surface modification for colloidal stability in physiological fluids

Li Zhuo, Bikanta Corporation

70. Nanometer-Scale Measurements of Battery Cathode Interfacial Thermal Transport Physics

Sean Lubner, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Sumanjeet Kaur, Joseph Franklin, Krishna Shah, Yanbao Fu, Vince Battaglia, Frank Ogletree, Ravi S. Prasher

71. Near-infrared two-photon-absorption-cross-section and photoluminescence-quantum-yield estimates for single-walled carbon nanotubes

Ralph Page, University of California at Berkeley

Co-authors: Eric G. Tindall, Jackson T. Del Bonis-O'Donnell, Abraham G. Beyene, and Markita P. Landry

72. Revealing dynamic processes in lead halide perovskites at the nanoscale with cathodoluminescence imaging

Connor Bischak, University of California, Berkeley

Co-authors: Rebecca B. Wai, Shaul Aloni, D. Frank Ogletree, Naomi S. Ginsberg

73. Chemical activation of inert diamond surfaces using silica-base chemistry

Andres Arreola, San Jose State University

Co-authors: Andres Arreola ,Anida A. Len ,Perla J. Sandoval,Pomaikaimaikalani Yamaguchi, Dennis Nordlund ,Virginia Altoe, and Abraham Wolcott

74. Structure Analysis of Human WFDC2 by Electron Microscopy

Jinping (Jennifer) Li, Mercer University School of Medicine

Co-authors: Jacob Jay, JianFang Liu

75. Alignment of Perovskite Nanowires via Direct Ink Writing for Highly Polarized and Highly Directional Emission

Carissa Eisler, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Nanjia Zhou, Yehonadav Bekenstein, Adam Schwartzberg, Jennifer Lewis, A. Paul Alivisatos

76. Enhancing Interface Sensitivity of Energy Materials by Resonant X-Ray Scattering

Isvar Cordova, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Co-authors: Guillaume Freychet, Gregory Su, David Kilcoyne, Andrew Chan, Cheng Wang

77. Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting For Hydrogen Generation With Zinc Oxide: Nanowire Arrays

Tung Nguyen, San Jose State University

Co-authors: Grace JeanPierre, Abraham Wolcott

78. Characterization and optimization of wafer size CNT membranes using TEM

Valentin Lulevich, Porifera

Co-authors: Olgica Bakajin, Virginia Altoe, Shaul Aloni

79. Investigating Apparent Self-Heating of Individual Luminescent Nanoparticle Thermometers

Andrea Pickel, UC Berkeley

80. Synthesis of well-defined CoMn nanoparticles as Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. In situ APXPS and XAS studies.

Judit Oliver-Meseguer, LBNL, CSD

81. Molecular recognition using biomimetic-polymer-coated graphene oxide quantum dots

Sanghwa Jeong, University of California, Berkeley

Co-authors: Rebecca Pinals, Markita Landry

82. Visualization of Carbon Nanotube Porin System via High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Yuliang Zhang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Co-authors: Yuliang Zhang, Ramya Tunuguntla, PyungOn Choi, Edmond Lau and Aleksandr Noy

83. Photonics on a fiber fabricated using nanoimprint

Alexander Koshelev, aBeam Technologies

Co-authors: Giuseppe Calafiore, Carlos Pina-Hernandez, Frances I Allen, Scott Dhuey, Simone Sassolini, Edward Wong, Paul Lum, Stefano Cabrini, Keiko Munechika

84. Development of High Refractive Index Materials for Applications in Nanoimprinted Active Photonic Nanostructures for Visible Light

Carlos Pina-Hernandez aBeam Technologies

Co-authors: Alexander Koshelev, Scott Dhuey, Simone Sassolini, Michela Sainato, Stefano Cabrini, Keiko Munechika

Highlighted Berkeley Lab Programs

85. Holographic lithography for industrial nanomanufacturing (Cyclotron Road)

Joseph Geddes, Photia Incorporated

86. Synergy between Molecular Foundry and Advanced Light Source to accelerate nanomaterials discovery (ALS)

Mike Brady, Berkeley Lab

87. Membranes for High Capacity Lithium-Metal Batteries (Cyclotron Road)

Rachel Tan, Sepion Technologies

Co-authors: Dr. Pete Frischmann; Kira Gardner; Max Lyons; Jon-Michael Alessandro

88. Towards Plasmonic and Conductive Photonics in Three Dimensions (Cyclotron Road)

Lauren Otto, Laminera

Co-authors: Lauren M. Otto, E. Ashley Gaulding, Christopher T. Chen, Tev Kuykendall, Anton Zykov, Aeron T. Hammack, Francesca M. Toma, D. Frank Ogletree, Shaul Aloni, Bethanie J. H. Stadler, Adam M. Schwartzberg

89. (NERSC)

Kjiersten Fagnan, Berkeley Lab

90. A multifunctional biphasic water splitting catalyst tailored for integration with high-performance semiconductor photoanodes (JCAP)

Jason Cooper, Berkeley Lab

Co-authors: Jinhui Yang, Francesca M. Toma, Karl A. Walczak, Marco Favaro, Jeffrey W. Beeman, Lucas H. Hess, Cheng Wang, Chenhui Zhu, Sheraz Gul, Junko Yano, Christian Kisielowski, Adam Schwartzberg & Ian D. Sharp