Submit a proposal

1. Learn about the Molecular Foundry and its user program

Before submitting your proposal, orient yourself to the Foundry’s resources and capabilities, and learn about the User Program.

The Molecular Foundry accepts standard user proposals twice annually. Proposals are reviewed by an external board of subject-matter experts for scientific merit and feasibility. Successful proposals can be started at any time and last for a maximum of one year. Learn more about the review process and about other, less common modes of user engagement on the User Policy page.

User projects at the Foundry vary in size and scope, and the program accommodates both short-term and long-term collaborative research projects. The program is open to users from academia, the private sector, and research institutes worldwide. Users join a vibrant research community that brings together Foundry research staff, technical support staff, students, postdoctoral fellows, and collaborating guest scientists.

The Molecular Foundry is organized into seven interdependent research Facilities, which span nanoscience topics in synthesis, characterization, and theory. Through a peer-reviewed proposal system, a user can request access to one or several facilities. Learn about the seven Foundry facilities, their capabilities and their staff, on the facility pages.