Yuegang Zhang Research Group


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Welcome to Yuegang Zhang’s Research Group website. Our group is part of The Molecular Foundry, and the Materials Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our main research interests are synthesis of carbon-based nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, and their composites with other materials), and exploring their applications in nanoelectronics and energy conversion/storage applications.

Our paper, “Graphene Oxide as a Sulfur Immobilizer in High Performance Lithium/Sulfur Cells”, has been published online in Journal of the American Chemical Society, DOI:10.1021/ja206955k.

Our paper, “Multilayer Nanoassembly of Sn-nanopillar Arrays Sandwiched Between Graphene Layers for High-capacity Lithium Storage” was among the top ten accessed articles from the online version of Energy & Environmental Science during July and August. Browse the full list of top 10 articles for July and August.

Our paper, “
Edge Effect on Resistance Scaling Rules in Graphene Nanostructures,” has been published in Nano Letters on the Web and is scheduled for print ASAP.

Our paper, “
Direct Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene on Dielectric Surfaces” was one of the to-20 most accessed articles from Nano Letters during the 12 month period from December 2009 - November 2010.