LIBRA Specifications

Point-to-Point 0.29 nm
Information limit 0.19 nm
Energy resolution 0.7 eV without monochromator
0.15 eV with monochromator
STEM Spatial Resolution
BF/DF 0.45 nm
HAADF (attainable) 0.45 nm
Electron emitter
ZrO/W-field emitter system (Schottky)
Illumination System
Parallel wide field TEM mode 0.1 urad to 20 mrad illumination aperture
Objective lens: HT objective
Cs (Spherical aberration) 2.2 mm
Cc (Chromatic aberration) 2.2 mm
Specimen Stage
Double tilt holder angle ±70 deg /±30 deg
Cryo double tilt holder angle ±49 deg /±30 deg
Hummingbird tomography holder angle +/-70 and +/- 30