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June 2018

There's a New Microscope in Town: ThemIS, anyone?

Staff and users at the Molecular Foundry now have access to a unique new microscope that combines atomic-scale imaging capabilities with the ability to observe real-world sample properties and behavior in real time.

Housed at the Foundry in partnership with the Materials Sciences Division, the new instrument is a high-stability, high-resolution Thermo Fischer "ThemIS" transmission electron microscope (TEM). The "IS" in its name emphasizes that it has been customized for in situ experiments, enabling researchers to study materials and reactions under natural conditions.

The ThemIS microscope will provide unprecedented insight into fundamental atomic-scale materials transformations that occur at solid-liquid interfaces, which is essential for making advances in battery and desalination technologies, for example.

The microscope's customization includes the following features that make it optimal for in situ experiments:

More info:

Read the full press release here.