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February 2019

User Proposal Form and Review Criteria Updated for Spring Proposal Call

The 2019 Spring Proposal Call opens on March 1 and returning users will notice some changes in the proposal form and review criteria. The scientific narrative questions regarding project goals and significance, resources requested, and project plan have been slightly modified to better reflect Foundry priorities and to help ensure reviewers get the details they need to evaluate proposals. Similarly, the scoring criteria and point distribution for these questions have been updated, increasing the relative point value assigned to project plan and resource requests, to help reviewers identify the projects that are most likely to be both impactful and successfully executed. The revised questions and scoring criteria can be viewed in the proposal guide.

The other notable change is in the guidance given regarding Lead and Support Facility requests. We have introduced additional detailed guidance regarding the scope of work appropriate for Lead versus Support requests for each Facility, which can also be viewed in the proposal guide. If a project needs access to more than one Facility at a Lead-Facility level, users will be directed to submit a separate proposal to each of those Facilities. The proposal form will guide users to identify those additional Facilities and will automatically create draft duplicate proposals to each that the user may edit before submitting.

Send any questions about the revised proposal form, review criteria, and guidance to the Foundry User Office.

Read the full proposal guide.