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March 2019

Foundry industry users win big at 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

Out of 4,500 applications from 119 countries, two Foundry industry users were selected as two of twelve winners of the 2019 Hellow Tomorrow Global Challenge.

Coreshell Technologies was awarded the “Energy” prize from Air Liquide. Coreshell is introducing novel thin-film coatings in lithium-ion batteries (LIB) to improve the energy density, safety, and ultimately the cost of energy storage. Coreshell’s nanolayer electrode coatings solve the biggest problem area in both today’s batteries as well as in future ground-breaking chemistries by protecting against the degradation reactions that lead to capacity loss and thermal runaway. In doing so, Coreshell hopes to be the key technology that enables lithium-ion batteries to flourish in today’s continuously electrified society.

X-Therma Inc. was awarded the “Global Health” prize from G4A Bayer. X-Therma is solving major pain points in the storage of biological products using convergent biomimetic nanoscience. The company makes novel, highly advanced chemical technologies to solve the long-standing problem of cold storage and transport of biological cells, tissues, and organs. X-Therma enables critical biomanufacturing processes, safer transport and long-term biobanking for advanced cell therapies, in vitro fertilization, organ transplants, and other rapidly growing regenerative medicine areas.

Read the full press release here.