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January 2018

Hybrid Supercapacitor is Supercharged

Scientific Achievement

A team of Foundry users and staff have demonstrated that a newly discovered supercapacitor has the highest energy density of any comparable system.

Significance and Impact

The supercapacitor has been shown to have an operating voltage window three times larger than before, has the highest energy density of any other pseudocapacitor and could provide a competitive alternative to lithium batteries.

Research Details

X. Zang, C. Shen, E. Kao, R. Warren, R. Zhang, K.S. Teh, J. Zhong, M. Wei, B. Li, Y. Chu, M. Sanghadasa, A. Schwartzberg, L. Lin, Advanced Materials. 2017 1704754. 10.1002/adma.201704754