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March 2018

Sugar-coated Peptoid Nanosheets Selectively Detect Multivalent Proteins

Scientific Achievement

A team led by Foundry researchers has developed a method to engineer the surface of peptoid nanosheets, mimicking some of the properties of cell membranes, to interact with multivalent proteins.

Significance and Impact

This is the first time that nanostructures have been engineered with such sophistication that they approach the structural precision and complexity that found in nature. The new method will enable materials that can selectively detect proteins, and potentially viruses and cells, for use in biosensors, therapeutics, or the bioremediation of threat agents.

Research Details

A. Battigelli, J.H. Kim, D.C. Dehigaspitiya, C. Proulx, E.J. Robertson, D.J. Murray, B. Rad, K. Kirshenbaum, R.N. Zuckermann. ACS Nano. Article ASAP (2018). DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b08018