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April 2018

A New Protein Mimic That Helps Injured Lungs Breathe

Scientific Achievement

A Foundry user has bioengineered peptoids that perform equal to or better than existing lung surfactant replacements.

Significance and Impact

This is the first in vivo demonstration of a peptoid-based lung surfactant reducing the symptoms of acute lung injuries. This discovery will lead to cheaper, better treatments for acute lung injuries.

Research Details

A.M. Czyzewski, L.M. McCaig, M.T. Dohm, L.A. Broering, L. Yao, N.J. Brown, M.K. Didwania, J.S. Lin, J.F. Lewis, R. Veldhuizen, A.E. Barron. Sci. Reports. 8 6795 (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-25009-3