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June 2018

Scientists Create Continuous Microlasers with Nanoparticle-Coated Plastic Beads

Scientific Achievement

An international team of scientists led by Foundry researchers has found a way to convert nanoparticle-coated microscopic plastic beads into lasers smaller than red blood cells.

Significance and Impact

The lasers have the lowest lasing thresholds reported for an upconverting nanoparticle laser and can operate continuously, for hours or days. This breakthrough will enable technologies that are tailored for operation in confined spaces like ultrahigh-speed microprocessors or live brain tissue.

Research Details

A. Fernandez-Bravo, K. Yao, E.S. Barnard, N.J. Borys, E.S. Levy, B. Tian, C.A. Tajon, L. Moretti, M. V. Altoe, S. Aloni, K. Beketayev, F. Scotognella, B. E. Cohen, E.M. Chan, P.J. Schuck. Nature Nanotechnology (2018). in press.