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August 2018

A New Nanoparticle Design for Imaging with Ultralow Powers of Near Infrared Light

Scientific Achievement

Foundry staff and users have developed alloyed upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) that can be excited with low-powered lasers for sensitive and non-toxic imaging. 

Significance and Impact

The nanocrystals can be imaged with low-energy light at laser intensities over 300-fold lower than needed for previous comparably sized UCNPs, leading to advanced imaging of light-sensitive systems, such as high-precision surgeries. 

Research Details

B. Tian, A. Fernandez-Bravo, H. Najafiaghdam, N.A. Torquato, M.V. Altoe, A. Teitelboim, C.A. Tajon, Y. Tian, N.J. Borys, E.S. Barnard, M. Anwar, E.M Chan, P.J. Schuck, B.E. Cohen. Nat. Comm. (2018). 9 3082.