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September 2018

Metal-Organic Frameworks with the Highest Electron Charge Mobilities Ever Observed

Scientific Achievement

A group of Foundry users and staff have developed a procedure to make a metal-organic framework (MOF) with the highest electron charge mobility ever observed.

Significance and Impact

The technique makes a MOF 10,000x better at conducting electricity. The technique could turn MOFs into all-purpose materials for making batteries and fuel cells, or into additives for composite materials to make porous conductors.

Research Details

M.L. Aubrey, B.M. Wiers, S.C. Andrews, T.Sakurai, S.E. Reyes-Lillo, S.M.Hamed, C.Yu, L.E.Darago, J.A. Mason, J. Baeg, F. Grandjean, G. Long, S. Seki, J.B. Neaton, P. Yang, J.R. Long. Nat. Mat. (2018). 17 625-632.