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September 2018

Phase-transition-induced p-n junction in single halide perovskite nanowire

Scientific Achievement

Created a current-rectifying p-n heterojunction in single CsSnI3 nanowire via a localized phase transition from n-type yellow to p-type black phase and attributed the majority carrier type change to distinctly different formation energies of ionic vacancies in these two phases.

Significance and Impact

A novel approach to heterojunction formation and enables precise control over the design of functional heterostructures using halide perovskite building blocks.

Research Details

Q. Kong, W. Lee, M. Lai, C.G. Bischak, G. Gao, A.B. Wong, T. Lei, Y. Yu, L.-W. Wang, N.S. Ginsberg, P. Yang, PNAS (2018) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1806515115