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March 2019

Successful Demonstration of Fastest Electron Detector Ever Made

Scientific Achievement

Successful installation and testing of the new 4D Camera that can produce continuous electron images every 11 microseconds. That's about 60X faster than what was possible with previous high speed electron detectors.

Unique Advances Enabled by the 4D Camera

87,000 frames/second, optimized for high dynamic range through speed and sensitivity

Potential Impact of the New Capability

Contributors: Jim Ciston, Ian J. Johnson, Brent R. Draney, Peter Ercius, Erin Fong, Azriel Goldschmidt, John M. Joseph, Jason R. Lee, Alexander Mueller, Colin Ophus, Ashwin Selvarajan, David E. Skinner, Thorsten Stezelberger, Craig S. Tindall, Andrew M. Minor, and Peter Denes