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D. Frank Ogletree


Staff Scientist, Imaging and Manipulation of Nanostructures





1986 University of California, Berkeley Ph.D., Experimental Solid State Physics

1977 College of the University of Chicago, Illinois. A.B. (artium baccalaureus), Physics

Research Interests

My research is centered on developing in-situ imaging and characterization tools to understand interfacial properties of nanoscale systems. These include electron diffraction and scanning probe microscope (STM and AFM) instruments and methods to study structure and interactions of small molecules on metal surfaces; AFM methods to study friction and liquid- solid interactions; ambient pressure photoemission instruments for in-situ studies of catalytic processes and liquid-solid interactions; and near-field optical microscopy (scanning probe and cathodoluminesence) for investigating electro-optical properties of nanostructures. I am now developing combined electron beam and optical near-field probes to study energy transport at the nanoscale

Invited Lectures


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