Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the Molecular Foundry, we have seen first-hand the advantage of working together across disciplines, and we have also experienced the great benefit of a culture that welcomes and encourages diversity of thought and that includes people from a multitude of backgrounds. We have established a standing committee to nurture and expand the open culture at the Foundry.

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Molecular Foundry Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council

The Foundry’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council’s mission is to foster innovative actions that create an inclusive work environment. The goal of the Council is to help support a workforce that reflects and embraces the gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, as well as the religious, political, and cultural views of the Foundry community. The council acts as an advisory body to the Foundry management team on matters regarding Diversity & Inclusion in:

  • Hires, recruitment, retention
  • User outreach and support
  • Intercultural and interpersonal communication in work and safety-related protocols
  • Awareness and appreciation of diversity and inclusion
  • Healthy and sustainable work life balance

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council Objectives

  • Identify and address emerging issues that can impact our diversity culture
  • Create and propose new initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion at the Foundry
  • Identify, develop and implement DEI best practices across the Foundry
  • Visibly recognize and communicate diversity and inclusion best practices achievements
    throughout the Foundry
  • Create synergy between Foundry Facilities
  • Act as clear point of contacts for the Foundry folk for matters concerning DEI by developing
    support networks for DEI issues
  • Support or collaborate with the Berkeley Lab diversity and inclusion office on their action plans
    and initiatives

Please feel free to e-mail the current chair or members of the committee with your questions, ideas, and feedback.

DEI Committee Members:

Current Chair: Jim Ciston

Shaul Aloni
Suksham Barun
Branden Brough
Teresa Chen
Jim Ciston
Ewa Elkins
Rita Garcia
Alison Hatt
Meg Holm
David Hom
Liana Klivansky
Anne Pham
Andreas Schmid
Ron Zuckermann
Francesca Toma (UEC Rep)
Jose Cornejo (Post-doc Rep)

WSEC Reppresentative

Mary Scott

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