Safety at the Molecular Foundry

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The Molecular Foundry aims to integrate safety into its organizational culture, and by doing so demonstrates that research that is safe is also innovative and productive. In order to support the safety-oriented culture at the Foundry, we have established a standing committee to assist the Division in solving complex safety problems.

As with scientific success, safety success at the Molecular Foundry relies on strong partnerships between users and staff. Both staff and users need to be vigilant while in the laboratory and to stop the work of their colleagues when unsafe behavior or conditions are observed. The Foundry promotes a "just culture" that prioritizes systemic solutions, rather than individual blame, for most stop work cases. However, temporary suspension of laboratory privileges for process assessment and retraining is often required.

Safety Resources

Molecular Foundry Safety Committee

The Foundry Safety Committee assists the Division in solving complex safety problems, utilizing their collective knowledge and analytical skills to make recommendations to Foundry leadership. The objectives of the Safety Committee are to:

  • Assist with clear and concise safety communications;
  • Review and provide input to safety related documents (such as Division Self Assessments), reports and policy;
  • Assist with the planning of division-wide safety events (such as the annual Foundry Safety Retreat);
  • Present new or previously unidentified hazards and recommend controls. ¬†

Safety committee members help staff and users identify the appropriate EH&S resources to report and correct issues.

Safety Committee Members

Current Chair: Mike Wisherop

Foundry Leadership: Branden Brough
Operations: Mike Wisherop, Carleton Falzone
Imaging and Manipulation: Paul Ashby and Virginia Altoe
Fabrication: Scott Dhuey
Theory: Steve Whitelam
User Program Office: Dmitry Soustin
Inorganic: Tracy Mattox (also Chemical Safety Committee representative) and Nate Hohman
Bio: Michael Connolly (also Lab Safety Advisory Committee representative)
Organic: Liana Klivansky
NCEM: Chengyu Song and John Turner
Foundry Shop: Ed Wong
Laser Safety Committee: Ed Barnard
User Executive Committee: Eddie Zaia

Safety and Facility Management

Please contact Carleton Falzone, 510.486.7679, with any questions or concerns about:

  • Ergonomics
  • Furniture
  • Waste Handling and Management
  • Building Management
  • Sample Shipping
  • Bringing equipment to the Foundry/New equipment inspections¬†