Staff Resources

The following resources provide information regarding common questions and inquiries. If you have a question not answered by the information on this page, you can find contact information for all staff on the People page, or direct your question to the Foundry Administrator, Suksham Barun.


For all procurement requests, individuals must be familiar with Foundry and Berkeley Lab policies.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to be familiar with the Berkeley Lab’s Procurement Standard Practices (SPs) Manual. Procurement operates under these established policies and procedures.

Only those who have delegated Procurement authority may enter into contracts, modify contracts, terminate contracts or contractually bind Berkeley Lab for the purchase of goods or services.

For information about service contracts, contact David Hom, 510.486.4224
For other information, contact Suksham Barun, 510.486.6716


The Foundry assists traveling staff with understanding and navigating Berkeley Lab travel policies and procedures.

All travel to conferences that are being paid on a DOE funded project require additional DOE approval. You can request DOE approval HERE.

For assistance with travel arrangements, complete the Travel Authorization form and return to Suksham Barun.

For more information, contact Suksham Barun, 510.486.6716


Anything purchased on Berkeley Lab funding is owned by Berkeley Lab on behalf of the Department of Energy.  It is the responsibility of the custodian for LBNL property to ensure it is accounted for and maintained.  Berkeley Lab applies unique barcode tags to Equipment items costing $10K or more (Controlled) and items that are Attractive by definition, highly portable, easily converted to personal use and more susceptible to theft than other property regardless of cost.  

The Molecular Foundry Property Management team ensures effective and efficient management of government assets within the division. Before moving, modifying, or retiring property, please contact them.

For more information, contact the Division Property Representative David Hom, 510.486.4224 and the Division Propery Coordinator Perry Lao, 510.495.2702

Time Keeping and Time Card Sweeps

All LBNL employees (including GSRAs) must enter their own time into LETS (Lab Employee Time System) and release it for approval prior to the sweep date for the employee type.

Instructions on how to enter your time into LETS can be found here.
Instructions on approving employees’ time in LETS can be found here.

Bi-weekly paid employee time cards are swept on each Monday at 12pm.  If a new month begins mid-week, there will also be an additional sweep on the 1st of the month for the last few days of the prior month.

Monthly paid employee time cards are swept a few days prior to the end of the month at 12pm.  This date is not consistent from month to month based on what day the end of the month falls on and where it is in relation to the weekend.

For more information, contact David Hom, 510.486.4224 

Safety and Facility Management

Please contact Carleton Falzone, 510.486.7679, with any questions or concerns about:

  • Ergonomics
  • Furniture
  • Waste Handling and Management
  • Building Management
  • Sample Shipping
  • Bringing equipment to the Foundry/New equipment inspections 

Annual Performance Review

Berkeley Lab's annual Performance and Career Management Process (PMP) provides a valuable opportunity for staff to talk with their supervisor about their goals and how they relate to the Foundry's broader Division goals, and to reflect on their performance and development.

To help facilitate this discussion and to provide guidance through the process, the Foundry's Division Staff Committee (DSC), which is made up of the FDs, has developed the following document to assist Foundry staff.

Additionally, this document contains a list of components and activities that generally contribute to being successful at the Foundry.

If you have HR related questions, such as questions about drafting and delivering performance reviews, contact Ewa Elkins, Sr. HR Division Partner, 510.495.2952