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September 26, 2019

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New User Guide

To get started as a new user, follow these steps.

Apply for access

Create a User Portal account

All users must have an account on the Foundry User Portal . The User Portal will give you access to your past and current proposals, as well as important administrative and training functions.

Learn more about your User Portal account.

Prepare a user proposal

Determine which type of proposal is appropriate for your work and which Facilities you require access to. You may wish to contact Foundry scientists and technical staff to discuss the feasibility and scope of your proposed project. Staff members can help you understand the Foundry’s capabilities and provide guidance in putting together your proposal. If you aren't sure which staff member to contact, email the User Office for help.

Prepare responses to the proposal questions, keeping in mind the review criteria for each. Figures and references should be included in your proposal. Note that references do not count toward the word limits.

Submit a user proposal

Log in to the User Portal and complete the appropriate form for your desired proposal type. You can save the proposal form before submitting and return to it later, if needed.

Submit the proposal form. You will be asked to review your proposal for completeness before submitting. When ready, click the 'submit proposal now' bar at the bottom of the last page. You will receive a confirmation email that your proposal was received.

Foundry proposals are peer-reviewed, and you will be notified of the review results by email.

Learn more about Foundry proposals.

Before you arrive

Check User Agreement Status

A User Agreement is required between the home institution of each user on the proposal and Berkeley Lab before any work on the proposal can begin. Many organizations already have a signed user agreement; however, if your organization does not have an established an agreement, email the Foundry User Office to set one up. You can view the status of your User Agreement by logging in to the User Portal .  Learn more about User Agreements.

Complete Secondary Safety Questionnaire

After your proposal is approved, one member of your project team must submit more detailed safety information in the Secondary Safety Questionnaire. Log in to the User Portal to complete the Safety Questionnaire. This information must be evaluated and approved before you can begin work at the Foundry. Learn more about the safety review process.

Users on proposals that only request use of the Theory Facility are not required to complete this step.

Complete Core Safety Training Courses

In order to get an early start on your safety training requirements, it is possible to complete the core safety training courses online before you arrive. To view and complete the recommended core safety training courses for your project, log on to the User Portal and navigate to the section titled, "Complete core safety training."

Discuss start date with Assigned Scientist

Contact your Assigned Scientist to discuss the logistics of your project and your arrival date. If you aren’t sure who your Assigned Scientist is, log in to the User Portal to view your proposal.

Get a Berkeley Lab badge

In order to work onsite at the Foundry, you must have an active Berkeley Lab badge and a  Berkeley Lab identity account or "LDAP" (more).

To get a new Berkeley Lab badge and identity, you will need to be appointed as an LBNL Affiliate (unless you are an LBNL employee). Follow the instructions below to request a new badge/affiliate appointment or to restart a terminated appointment:

  • Log in to the User Portal, follow the link to request a badge, and submit your anticipated start date.
  • You will receive an email from LBNL Affiliate Registration asking for more details about your visit. Complete the online form and submit it.
  • A few days prior to your start date, you will receive another email with details about your badge appointment and your Berkeley Lab identity credentials.  
  • Complete the General Employee Radiation Training (GERT) online prior to your badge appointment.

Users who will be at the Foundry for fewer than five business days may not need to get a Berkeley Lab badge and identity. In this case, your assigned scientist will arrange for your visit with the Berkeley Lab security office.

When you arrive

Collect your badge from Berkeley Lab Site Access Office

If you have requested a Berkeley Lab badge, you will have received a notice from the Site Access Office containing details about your badge appointment. Attend your badge appointment in the Site Access Office, Building 65A to collect your badge.

Complete New User Orientation at Foundry User Office

Report to the Foundry User Office on the third floor of Building 67 to check in and complete the new user orientation. All new users must complete this orientation within their first three days at the Foundry.

Report to your Assigned Scientist

Meet with your assigned staff scientist, who will help orient you to the scientific facilities and will discuss your safety training and lab access.

Complete safety training

Users who will work at the Foundry will be entered into the Berkeley Lab Work Planning and Control system (WPC) and must complete all required training before performing any laboratory work. Your Assigned Scientist will initiate the WPC process and discuss specific training requirements with you. Additional in-person and on-the-job training must be completed according to your assigned WPC Activities' requirements. Learn more about safety training.

After your project

Sign out and return your badge

When you have completed your on-site work, you must sign out with your Assigned Scientist. He or she will go over any samples or data that need to be saved or shipped and verify that all work areas and equipment used are clean and functional.

Return your badge to the Foundry User Office and sign out. If you leave after hours, please leave your badge with your assigned scientist and email a sign-out notice to the User Office.

Submit a final project report

Users are required to submit a final project report within 30 days of completing their project. The report for a given proposal can be completed by any user on the proposal and is accessed through the User Portal . A discussion of the project progress and results along with a list of the resulting publications or patents is required.

Acknowledge Foundry support and report publications

Publishing: Proper acknowledgement of Foundry resources is crucial to our continued support. All published work resulting from use of this facility must acknowledge Foundry support using the correct Foundry acknowlegement, regardless of whether Foundry staff are included as authors.

It is expected that all user project results of sufficient scientific merit will be prepared for publication and submitted to a journal. Any Foundry scientist who made significant contributions should be included as an author and will expect to review the paper before it is submitted to a journal.

Report your peer-reviewed publications using the publication submission form.

Presenting: When presenting work generated, in whole or in part, at the Foundry, please include our acknowledgement slide at the end of your presentation, or our acknowledgement badge on your poster. View all Acknowledgement materials. Your presentation acknowledgements help us build our user community, which is crucial to our continued support.

Intellectual Property Obligations

You are required to disclose to the Foundry and Berkeley Lab's Intellectual Property Office ( any inventions resulting in part or in whole from your work at the Foundry. Your inventions, and any patent applications filed on them, are also subject to overriding obligations to the US Government.

Please carefully review and comply with the Patent Rights article of your User Agreement to maximize the value of, and minimize the risk to, your intellectual property. The sample NPUA and PUA have a representative article (VIII. Patent Rights) for reference.