June 2021
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Note from the Director
Foundry director Kristen Persson

As we welcome the coming summer, a hint of optimism is in the air.  Case rates are on the decline, vaccination rates are on the rise, and the Foundry remains both vigilant and flexible as we expand access to our laboratories for onsite work.

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New and Noteworthy
Foundry Director Testifies Before Congressional Committee
Foundry Director Kristin Persson was invited to testify on May 4, 2021 before the House Science Space and Technology Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy as part of a hearing on “Climate and Energy Science Research at the Department of Energy”. 
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Catch Up on Episodes of "Foundry from Home" 
Check out all the episodes of Foundry from Home - a podcast to highlight new developments in remote, virtual, and physically distanced user access to the Molecular Foundry.
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NSRC Recapitalization Project Reaches CD-1 Status
A major project to recapitalize NSRC instrumentation has crossed a significant milestone, authorizing some of the project's first procurements. 
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More News
This Hydrogen Fuel Machine Could Be the Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
The Future Looks Bright for Infinitely Recyclable Plastic
Spring 2021 Seminar Series Continues Through June 22
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One Minute for Safety
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As local, county, and state health requirements and rules for workplace safety change, Berkeley Lab will be updating its own protocols and procedures. However, in the mean time, please continue to follow current lab guidance and stay safe. 
Recent Highlights
Desalination Process Also Removes Toxic Metals to Produce Clean Water
Foundry users, working with staff, developed a new type of membrane embedded with nanoparticles that can precisely and selectively remove toxic metals during desalination. 

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Designing selective membranes for batteries using a drug discovery toolbox
Foundry scientists and users designed a new polymer membrane containing molecular cages that can selectively bind lithium ions and also enhance their diffusion through the membrane.
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First-Ever 3D Atomic Imaging of an Amorphous Solid
Molecular Foundry scientists and users have determined the 3D atomic structure of an amorphous solid.
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Around the Foundry
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Foundry Staff Reflect on Work-Life Balance at Staff Retreat
During the recent annual retreat, the Molecular Foundry staff participated in a word cloud activity to initiate discussions on Work-Life Balance (WLB). Keywords which staff associate with WLB are presented in this word cloud. Learn more +

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